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Wind represents the most destructive force affecting roofs. Vented roof assemblies have been around for decades and use science to achieve wind-resistant, high performing low-slope commercial roofs.

The science behind them is relatively simple: wind moving across a loose laid roof membrane draws air through vents installed on the roof’s surface, from the space between the membrane and the airtight substrate below it. As the air is pulled from this space, a vacuum is created, and the resulting suction holds the loose membrane against the substrate, preventing it from blowing off under wind load.

Oak Grove school with a windsmart roofing system on the top
Iowa State University building with a windsmart roof
Vented System Benefits:
  • Cost-effective re-roof/recover solution
  • Avoid tear-off of old roof assembly
  • High Wind Resistance
  • Minimize building occupant disruption
  • Minimal fastening requirements especially on “nominally nailable” decks (gypsum, tectum, concrete, etc.)
  • Minimal additional dead load on the structure
  • Possible moisture reduction to the original system, potentially negating the need for tear-off, disposal, and replacement of the original roof components
  • Sika Sarnafil warranty coverage up to 30 years

Vented systems, like all roof assemblies, are dependent on proper design, installation, and attention to detail. An air-tight substrate below the new membrane is a critical element in the performance of these systems.

WindSmart Systems®

Sika is pleased to partner with WindSmart®, a leader in the vented roof assembly’s industry, and with an experience second to none. To learn more about WindSmart® and their systems, please go to: www.windsmartroofs.com

Learn more about WindSmart Systems® in this webinar.

Oak Grove school with a windsmart roofing system on the top

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Environmental Roofing Components (ERC) Systems

Sika is pleased to partner with Environmental Roofing Components (ERC), a leader in the vented roof assembly industry, and an impressive history in wind vent technology. To learn more about ERC and their systems, please go to: www.ercwindvent.com

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