First and Only FM Approved Commercial Solar System

The Sika SolaRoof® System is a groundbreaking solar solution that combines the proven performance of Sarnafil and Sikaplan PVC roof assemblies with the industry’s most innovative PV racking system to bring Sika customers the only FM-approved and insured solar roof system.

Below are some of the reasons why a Sika SolaRoof System might be the best fit for your project.

SarnaRoof Solar Mount-2 (SSM2)

The SarnaRoof Solar Mount-2 (SSM2) is the first and only Factory Mutual (FM) approved and insured commercial solar roof racking system for rigid solar panels used within the Sika SolaRoof System. 

Sika SolaClick

The Sika SolaClick is an injection molded PVC “click” that is made of the same time proven material as Sarnafil and Sikaplan PVC membranes.  The “clicks” are hot-air welded 

Sika SolaRoof System Benefits:
  • FM Approved (one and only)*
  • UL Approved**
  • No Roof Deck Penetrations
  • Lightweight (non-ballasted)
  • No Lateral Movement
  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Installation
  • Single-Source 20-year Warranty***
  • East/West and South Facing Configurations


*FM 4478
**UL 2703
***covers both the roofing assembly and the racking system.

Sika Roofing Provides Proven Performance and Unparalleled Expertise

Selecting the right partner is essential for a successful, sustainable investment in rooftop photovoltaic installation. Extensive experience in the installation of roofing membranes, proven expertise in PV and a long-lasting roofing membrane makes Sika the right choice when long-term solutions are what you desire.

solar roof
solar roof
Sika SolaRoof Rack Benefits
  • Magnelis Corrosion Resistant Coated Steel
  • Durable, Lightweight
  • 7 Degree Angle
  • Short Mounting Rails (top and bottom)
  • Non-Penetrating Attachment to Roof Deck
  • Minimum Components
  • Easy Assembly


Hot- Air Welding Makes the Difference

Attaching the PV racking system to the new Sika PVC roof assembly requires no deck penetrations!  Unlike other solar systems that secure into the metal roof deck or use heavy ballast to keep the system from moving, The Sika SolaRoof uses PVC injection molded “clicks”.  Just attach them to the sides of the steel mount and use hot-air to fuse them to the Sika PVC roof membrane.  No leaks from screw penetrations or mount shifting in heavy winds.

hot air welding
Two Leaders are Better Than One

Solar installers unknowingly have been voiding the building owner’s roofing warranty when installing the solar panels leaving the building owner on the hook when there is a leak or a premature roof failure!  Not with the Sika SolaRoof System.  Unlike most rooftop solar installations where the roofing manufacturer and the solar installer aren’t in communication with each other, The Sika SolaRoof was designed by Sika (roofing manufacturer) and Centroplan (solar installer) and the building owners are the ones who benefit! 

Founded in 2007, Centroplan specializes in medium to large-scale commercial photovoltaic solar power systems for rooftop installations. An experienced team of engineers, business economists and project managers can handle as many phases of the photovoltaic project that a building owner needs (project concept and development, project financing, design & engineering, procurement & installation, operation & maintenance).  By coordinating the roofing system install, solar project partners and suppliers, Sika and Centroplan provide the highest-quality photovoltaic system with a single-source warranty.

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Learn more about solar roof systems in this webinar


Sika SolaRoof System

The Sika SolaRoof not only offers a proprietary method of attachment with the Sika SolarMount-1 mounting system, but it can be covered by a single-source warranty for up to 20 years as well. Another benefit of the Sika SolarMount-1 is its versatility. The SSM1 can be assembled in a variety of configurations, in either South or East-West orientations.

Sika SolaRoof Demo - RCI 2018

Sika and Centroplan teamed up to give a product demonstration of the innovative Sika SolaRoof at the 2018 RCI in Houston. The Sika SolaRoof is a comprehensive, non-penetrating solar solution for thermoplastic roofs.