When the choice is between reading a product brochure or watching a product video, studies show that most people choose the video. Well, you are in luck, Sika Roofing is dedicated to giving our customers what they want. Whether it is a marketing video to launch a new product or a comparison video showing the performance of one product versus the other, you will find our latest roofing videos here. 

60 Years of Sika Sarnafil

Building Trust With Sika Roofing

With over 60 years of proven performance and experience, Sika Sarnafil is the leader in commercial roofing and waterproofing systems. View our roofing and waterproofing solutions. 

Sika Sarnafil's Recycling Program

Sika Sarnafil’s commitment to recycling is not only production trimmings but also old roofs that are put back into new membrane. Check out what the experts at Sika Sarnafil have to say about this game changing program! Learn about our recycling program. 

Featured Projects

First United Methodist Church - Laconia, NH

In 1976, Sarnafil was first installed in the US on the First United Methodist Church, in Laconia, NH. 45 years later, the church knew they could trust Sarnafil when it came time to replace their roof. The Church will now be protected for decades to come. 

Rogers Centre- Toronto, Canada

It’s raining ice missiles – at least, that’s what the Roger’s Centre thought was happening when an ice missile from a neighboring tower punctured the deck of their 48 mil. Sika Sarnafil roof and called for a one-of-a-kind upgrade.

Sarnafil G 410 SA Membrane - Portland, OR

In 2018, the industry's first and only peel-and-stick PVC roofing membrane - Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered - was selected to re-roof a massive truck manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon.

Pepper River Data Center - Salt Lake City, UT

The Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered roofing membrane is great for continuing productivity during the cold winter months. Installing a low/no VOC adhered system in the winter is extremely difficult due to the low daily temperatures. Sika Roofing's Sarnafil G 410 SA membrane gives you the ability to install an adhered system in temperatures as low as 20°F!

Providing Solutions for Boeing

Sika Sarnafil has been a partner with Boeing for over two decades by providing the right roofing solutions. 

Boston Nauset High School- Solar Roof

Renewable energy is the future! Check out this video by VDE of the Boston Nauset High School and how they used Sika SolaRoof to complete their goal on having a sustainable roofing system.

Platinum Rated Membrane

Our Sarnafil S 327 and G 410 single-ply roofing membranes earned the highest possible certification to NSF/ANSI 347. When you choose a Sarnafil membrane, you’re not only protecting your building, you’re protecting the earth. 

Products and Systems

Sarnafil Self-Adhered Cold Weather Adhesion Test

Installing a low/no VOC adhered system in the winter is extremely difficult due to low daily temperatures.. until now! In this video, the following shows Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered (SA) roof membrane being installed at an average temperature vs. at an extremely low temperature. Get ready to be amazed at the performance!

Self-Adhered Sarnafil G 410 Membrane

Improve your installation productivity and eliminate adhesive fumes with Sika Roofing's Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered thermoplastic roofing membrane.

Sika Sarnafil Decor System

Your design can become reality with the Sarnafil Décor Roof System. The ideal choice for new or existing buildings that call for a metal roof appearance with the watertight integrity and design flexibility of a thermoplastic roofing membrane. 

Sika SolaRoof

Going above and beyond the traditional solar racking system. The Sika SolaRoof® is a comprehensive, integrated solar solution incorporating the proven performance of Sarnafil roof assemblies with the Sika SolarMount-1.

Sarnafil Textured Membrane

Sarnafil membranes are now available with texture, providing the building owner with an additional surface option.

Feltback Membrane Adhesive

The quick and easy way to install Sarnacol Feltback Membrane Adhesive adheres directly to smooth BUR resulting in 20% savings.

Roofing Membrane Fire Test

Sarnafil PVC, manufactured by Sika Roofing, is compared to EPDM and TPO roof membranes in a head-to-head "vertical burn test."

Sarnafil G 410 SA Flashing vs. Solvent-Based Adhesives

Watch to find out the install time between the Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered Flashing and a solvent-based adhesive.

PVC vs. TPO Water Absorption Test

Is a roofing membrane's ability to wick water important? You bet it is! Water absorption of a roofing membrane can affect the quality of seam welds and lead to premature membrane failure, among a host of other things. In this water absorption test between Sikaplan and TPO, there is an obvious winner.

Sikaplan vs TPO Adhered Comparison

Sikaplan Adhered Systems offer PVC performance at a TPO price. The installed cost is often less expensive than TPO resulting in savings of 50 percent!  

Membrane Soiling Test

There has been plenty of debate within the roofing industry about whether a membrane with a lacquer coating really resists the retention of dirt. We put four popular types of energy-saving roofing membranes to the ultimate soiling test by using fine particles of ultra-dense carbon black. How did your membrane fare?

Membrane Thickness Resistance Test

In this demonstration, you can see how important a thick membrane is to the performance of your system. Learn more about Sika Roofing's Thickness Guarentee. 

Sika SolaRoof 2018 RCI Demo

Sika Sarnafil and Centroplan teamed up to give a product demonstration of the innovative Sika SolaRoof at the 2018 RCI in Houston. The Sika SolaRoof is a comprehensive, non-penetrating solar solution for thermoplastic roofs.

Sarnafil Self - Adhered RCI Live Demo

In these three product demonstrations, observe the speed of application, cold-weather adhesion, and flashing flexibility characteristics of our field sheet membrane and 24-inch flashing membrane.  

Sikaplan FB3 - Hyde Park, MA

The Sikaplan FB3 solution utilizes the new Sikaplan Fastened membrane with a 3-ounce felt backing. Hear from contractors how this mechanically-attached system, designed for use in single-ply re-cover applications over TPO and EPDM, saves on time and costs while meeting local fire code requirements.  

Hybrid Roofing System

The Hybrid Roofing System is a multi-layered, high-performance roofing solution using superior, time-proven materials. It utilizes Sarnafil or Sikaplan Membranes installed over an approved SBS Modified Bitumen ply sheet that can be installed over almost any type of roof deck including lightweight insulating concrete, steel, structural concrete, cementitious wood fiber, and gypsum. Check out the video on the three ways you can apply the modified bitumen!

Very Severe Hail Test

Weather can be destructive, but we’re here to protect your building from the elements. Sika Sarnafil is leading the way in hail protection as the first PVC roofing membrane to achieve Very Severe Hail Ratings from FM Global! Now you can rest assured knowing the Sarnafil systems you know and love, can be built to withstand your extreme weather needs. Check out this cool R&D test video to see how we reached those goals to offer you an amazing product.

Sikalastic RoofPro Saturator

This video includes an overview of a low slope roofing application with the patented and cost-saving Sika Fleece Saturator. This product reduces labor costs and accelerates completion dates for fleece-reinforced liquid waterproofing projects. Sikalastic RoofPro Saturator combines Sikalastic cold, liquid-applied, moisture-triggered, polyurethane resins with a polyester Sika Fleece Reinforcement system to create a highly conformable, self-adhering, self-terminating roofing and waterproofing membrane.

Sikalastic RoofPro

This video includes an overview of a liquid roofing application and a time-lapse of a low slope roof application. 

Installation Videos

Sikalastic RoofPro System Step-by-Step

This instructional video is about how to apply liquid applied roofing and waterproofing systems for steep and low slope roofs.  The roof is rain resistant in 10 min or less! Sikalastic RoofPro cold, liquid-applied membranes combine a moisture-triggered polyurethane resin with either Reemat fiberglass or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a highly conformable, self-adhering and self-terminating roofing and waterproofing membrane.  

Prep and Prime Sikalastic RoofPro

Watch the proper way to prep and prime for our Sikalastic RoofPro Systems!

RoofPro Membrane Drain Install

Watch this video to see a Sikalastic RoofPro Membrane drain install from start to finish!

Sika Fleece Application

See how to properly apply our Sika Fleece system! 

Sikalastic RoofPro Non-Skid Finish

See how to apply our Sikalastic RoofPro non-skid finish products.

Sika Reemat Installation

Watch how our Sika Reemat system is installed!

Webinar Library

Want to review some of our past webinars? Watch our information-packed AIA webinar recordings led by some of the top leading experts in the commercial roofing industry.