The Look of Standing Seam Metal

Décor takes all of the benefits of a Sarnafil adhered roof system and kicks it up a notch! Décor is the ideal choice for new or existing buildings that want the appearance of a standing seam metal roof, yet require maximum watertight performance.  Décor achieves the appearance of a metal standing seam with a PVC profile rib that is hot-air welded to the membrane surface instead of using adhesive or a peel & stick attachment, permanently fusing the rib to the membrane. 

Below are some of the reasons why a Décor Roof System might be the best fit for your project.

Décor Roof System Benefits:
  • The look of standing seam metal
  • Watertight hot-air welded seams
  • Roof design freedom
  • Proven performance of Sarnafil
  • Less expensive that architectural metal
  • Easier and faster to flash details
  • 7 standard colors
  • 4 energy efficient “cool” colors
  • Almost any custom color
Sarnafil Self-Adhered Feltback Membrane Sets the Stage

Décor Roof Systems use Sarnafil G 410 PVC membrane, a time-tested product that has proved its ability to withstand weather extremes in all climates around the world. The membrane has an integral fiberglass reinforcement that provides exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion— factors critical to the long-term adhesion to the substrate. A felt backing on the membrane helps to achieve a smooth appearance over common roofing substrates.

Sarnafil G 410 Feltback is now available in a peel-&-stick option, making installation of décor even easier! Boasting the same environmentally friendly and easy-to-use benefits, using Sarnafil SA Feltback on steep slope décor systems means eliminating the hassle and danger of using buckets of glue on a pitched roof. No more, up and down each slope multiple times coating the substrate twice before unrolling the membrane. Just peel the release liner and roll it out. Improve productivity and safety on all future steep-slope applications.

Self-Adhered Feltback Membrane Benefits
  • No odor/VOC free
  • Perfect for occupied buildings sensitive to smells
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can be installed in temperatures as low as 20F
  • Cost competitive system
  • Contour to uniquely shaped roofs
  • Proven performance Sarnafil membrane
  • Helps hide roof imperfections
  • Best option for “non-nailable” substrates
  • No fastener penetration in the membrane
Décor Rib Profiles

Décor Profiles have the same product formulation as the Sarnafil membrane, ensuring that colors match, both initially and over time. The ribs come in ten-foot sections that are connected on the roof and permanently fused to the Sarnafil membrane using the Sika Sarnamatic hot-air welder. The Sarnamatic is designed specifically to weld Sarnafil membranes, and includes patented kits for Décor Profile installation.

Décor is available in seven standard colors:
Tan, Reflective Grey, Patina Green, Lead Grey, Evergreen, Copper Brown and White (not shown), and almost any custom color to match your design needs.

Learn more about simulated metal roofs in this webinar

decor vs metal roofs
Décor Versus Metal Roofs Infographic

In the roofing race for appearance and performance supremacy, there's one obvious winner. Click on the button below to check out this infographic to learn about the major differences between a Sarnafil Décor Roof System and a standing seam metal roof. 

Case Studies:

Décor Video:

Single-ply roof membrane with metal rib decorative profile seam

Note: As with all roof system assemblies, appearance may vary due to roof deck conditions, system buildup or other conditions specific to the project.