Plainsboro, New Jersey

Décor System Provides Salvation for Queenship of Mary Roof

Over a 25 year span, the distinctive asphalt shingle roof on the RomanCatholic church had failed not once, but twice. The second failure resulted in a partial collapse of the roof that made the building unsafe and required parishioners to temporarily move their Masses to another location for several months. “The roof is an engineered timbered structure with a radial pattern that all comes to one point,” explained William Gittings, principal of architectural firm Gittings Associates of Princeton, New Jersey, and a member of Queenship of Mary’s building committee. “One large steel bracket that supported the whole roof failed and the roof fell in about three to five inches at its peak. We had to do emergency shoring to hold up the roof. It was friction that held the building together.”

The Sarnafil Décor Roof System fit both of the church’s requirements. The Décor Roofing System combines Sarnafil G410 thermoplastic single-ply roofing membrane with Décor profiles to give the appearance of a standing seam metal roof – and thanks to its watertight seams, the durability of this system is unmatched. It is one of the only roofing systems of this type that includes warranty coverage for the hot-air welded ribs that give the roof the appearance of metal. 

Queenship of Mary Parish

Roofing Contractor
NU-TEK Roof Systems, Inc. 
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Roofing System
Sarnafil Décor Roof System using 60 mil G410 feltback membrane in custom color Heavenly Brown

Project Size
9,000 square feet

queenship of mary
queenship of mary-roof
Overcoming Trials

The shape of the roof – with its numerous hips and valleys – posed another trial. “It was a real challenge to lay out the membrane sheets so the ribs aligned correctly at the hips and valleys,” explained Van Nest. “Fortunately our Sika Roofing representative was available to help us work out the details.”“The Sika Roofing representative was wonderful about sitting down with us and going through the drawings and specifications with us.” It was this professionalism that earned NU-TEK Roof Systems second place in the Steep Slope Category of Sika Sarnafil’s 2014 Project of the Year competition. 

A Divine Solution

“We are a public place and want to attract people” Monsignor Medley said. “While it looks very different than the old shingle roof it is very attractive. Plus it fared very well in a winter with lots of snow and very cold temperatures.” “The Décor system is definitely what we were looking for in terms of aesthetics and performance. We are very happy with that decision because it solved our roofing problem and looks great.” Gittings said. Sounds like the Queenship of Mary has a long-lasting roof that looks divine.

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