Sika offers two liquid-applied roofing/waterproofing membrane systems, Sikalastic RoofPro, and Sikalastic RoofCoat, to meet your project's specific needs. Known as Liquid-Applied Membranes (LAM) are cold-applied polyurea/polyaspartic, single-component polyurethanes, silicones, or acrylics that are monolithic, fully adhered, and can be locally or fully reinforced. Once cured, they form a seamless, watertight, elastomeric membrane that has proven to perform in some of the toughest climates. Sika’s liquid membranes can be used on most substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, mod-bit, TPO, PVC, EPDM, and many others. Liquid membranes conform to complicated details and penetrations with ease and little to no waste. Sikalastic products are the industry-leading liquid-applied solution when above and below-grade waterproofing applications demand the very best.

What are the benefits of a Sikalastic Liquid Applied System?

seamless application
Plaza Deck

Seamless Membrane

Liquid applied membranes are monolithic i.e., no seams, joints, or overlaps, eliminating water infiltration at these common roof system areas.

Fully Adhered

Direct bonding to the substrate prevents lateral water migration in the event of a puncture or storm damage.


Liquid-applied membranes are an ideal solution for refurbishment or recover projects  since they eliminate the need to tear off the existing leaking/failing roofing and waterproofing systems. This saves on costs associated with a tear-off such as labor and disposal.

Complex Details Made Easy

Liquid-applied systems provide easy application for complex geometries or surfaces with limited access. The liquid membrane and flashings conform to virtually any shape and profile, effectively eliminating pitch pans/pockets, metal sleeves, etc.  

Attractive Warranty Options

Whether you need to briefly extend the life of your existing roofing/waterproofing or desire a long-term warranty for up to 25 years, Sikalastic Systems have warranties to meet your project's specific requirements.

Copper Green Metal Roof Recover
Substrate Compatibility | Liquid Applied Membrane


Sikalastic has many Low VOC, eco-friendly, products.  Whether you have an occupied building or just want to use products that are better for the environment, Sikalastic products have your needs covered.

No Building Disruption

Liquid-applied roof systems use little to no equipment to install. No gas-powered generators, electric mixers, torches, etc. This means, in most cases, the occupants of the building won’t even know work is being done.

Substrate Compatibility

Sikalastic liquid membranes provide exceptional adhesion to most common substrates including but not limited to:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Single Ply Membranes (PVC, TPO, and EPDM)
  • Bituminous Roofing

Design Freedom

  • Custom Colors
  • Shape Conformability
  • Green Roofs
  • Amenity Decks
  • Plaza Decks
  • Tile & Paver Overburden
  • Decorative Options
    • Broadcast Sand
    • Quartz Aggregate Blends
    • Vinyl Color Chips
Central Park West
No roof tear off

Fast and Easy Application

  • No old roof tear-off
  • Roller, brush, or spray applied
  • Single component
  • No mixing
  • 7-day overcoat window

Quick Curing Times

Sikalastic RoofPro systems are waterproof within 10 to 60 minutes after application (temperature and humidity dependent). This early rain resistance keeps your building watertight even in the event of a pop-up shower or storm.

Roof Life Extension

Liquid-applied membranes not only can be used to repair a damaged roof but also can be used to increase the life span of an old/leaking roof. With a high-performance liquid system, roofs are once again protected from the elements for decades.

Labor Savings

  • Single component/no mixing
  • Recover instead of tear-off
  • Long pot life means little to no waste
  • 7-day overcoat window
  • Fast and easy installation

Moisture-Triggered Chemistry

Sikalastic RoofPro systems with MTC (Moisture-Triggered Chemistry) incorporate a unique technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This means:

  • Reliable Application: Systems are capable of curing in a wide range of conditions including extreme temperature ranges and humidity variation. 
  • Promising Results: Unlike typical polyurethane systems, membranes do not release CO2 during the curing process, which can cause outgassing and bubbling.
No roof tear off