In-Seam, Out-of-Seam and Out of the Box

Sika Roofing offers the most mechanically-attached system options than any other thermoplastic manufacturer.  The reason, because not every building has the same needs or complexities as the other.  There is no “one size fits all” roofing system so we go the extra mile and offer you more options so you know you are getting the right system for your project.  From standard “in-seam” attachment methods to induction welded attachment methods, the below list of systems will cover you and your investment no matter what the requirements are.

Sarnafast System

This mechanically-attached system is your best roof system choice when speed and ease of installation are important. Sarnafast features metal plates fastened in the membrane overlap, spaced according to the roof’s wind uplift requirements. It is designed to meet wind conditions on most building types.

engineered system
Engineered System

The Sarnafil Engineered System is designed for roofs that are subject to severe or extreme wind uplift forces, such as high-rise buildings or facilities located in coastal areas. The advantage of the Engineered system is the fastening pattern – both row spacing and fastener spacing can be customized or “engineered” for any specified wind load. The Engineered System utilizes a specially designed bar which is secured to the structural roof deck with corrosion-resistant fasteners. The bar clamps the membrane fully along its length, uniformly distributing the dynamic load produced by wind uplift. Sika offers wind warranty protection of up to 120 mph with this system.

EcoSmart System

Roofing systems don’t have to be disposable.  By maximizing system longevity and recycling at the end of its useful life, the Sika Sarnafil EcoSmart Roof provides you with a roofing option that’s good for the environment and your wallet. The EcoSmart Roof utilizes Sarnafil thermoplastic membrane, Styrofoam™ Brand insulation from DuPont and gypsum roof board to produce one of the longest lasting, most ecologically responsible roofing systems available.

sikaplan mechincally attached
Sikaplan Mechanically Attached

The Sikaplan® Mechanically-Attached System utilizes the Sikaplan Disc for fastening the membrane in the seam over-lap and the Sikaplan Fastened membrane to deliver a cost effective mechanically-attached roofing system for building owners who want the performance of a PVC roofing system at a TPO price.


Sika Sarnafil RhinoBond is an alternative attachment system for Sika Sarnafil roof membranes. The RhinoBond system eliminates membrane fastener penetration by welding the membrane directly to the specially coated plates used to secure the insulation or hardboard to the deck. The result is a commercial roofing system that uses fewer plates and fasteners while enhancing the wind uplift resistance.  The RhinoBond system can be fastened directly to an approved roof deck, or into the structural roof purlins like in a metal retrofit application.