"In-Seam" Mechanically-Attached System

Unlike adhered roofing systems where the membrane is secured to the system using adhesive, the Sarnafast system secures the membrane using fasteners within the membrane seam overlap.  Typically called an “in-seam” attachment system, after the plates and screws secure the edge of the membrane, the next sheet overlaps the fasteners and is made watertight by hot-air welding the seam.  Unlike typical in-seam systems, Sarnafast uses a specially designed oblong shaped discs, “Sarnadisc XPN” instead of a standard circle plate for increased performance.

This type of system is considered one of the fastest most cost effective ways to install a single-ply roof.  Below are some of the reasons why a Sikaplan fastened roofing system might be the best fit for your project.

Mechanically-Fastened System Benefits:
  • Cost-competitive
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Best for low slope applications
  • Standard uplift resistance
  • Sarnafil membrane performance
A Membrane Designed For Mechanically-Attached Applications

The Sarnafil S 327 membrane is a thermoplastic PVC roof membrane used in mechanically-attached systems. Similar to the Sikaplan Fastened membrane, this roof membrane is polyester reinforced, which provides the high breaking and tearing strength needed to prevent excessive elongation and sheet deformation under the stresses produced by the lifting of the membrane by wind in this type of system.  Sarnafil membranes are formulated to be the best in the industry with an unmatched proven performance history and multiple third party verified testing data.