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Adhered roofing systems from Sika Roofing provide an aesthetically-pleasing roofing application that delivers superior, watertight protection — this protection is the result of time tested membranes, hot-air welded seams and a wide variety of system configurations to match the unique needs of individual building designs.

Adhered Roofing
Sarnafil Adhered Systems

Sarnafil adhered roofs are best for low sloped, uniquely shaped or pitched roof applications composed of non-nailable substrates such as pre-cast or pre-stressed concrete, cementitious wood fiber or gypsum. They also work well over non-nailable substrates such as concrete, steel and wood decks.  The EcoBond Roof which utilizes our water-based adhesive, Sarnacol 2121, also has a few cost competitive solutions because of its excellent coverage rate.

sikaplan adhered
Sikaplan Adhered Systems

The Sikaplan® Adhered System utilizes Sikaplan Water-Based Adhesive, a low VOC adhesive, and the Sikaplan Adhered membrane to deliver a cost effective adhered roofing system for building owners who want the performance of a PVC roofing system at a TPO price.

light weight
Lightweight Insulated Cellular Concrete Roof System

The Lightweight Insulated Cellular Concrete Roof System utilizes Sarnafil feltback G410 fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic membrane adhered to lightweight insulated cellular concrete using Sarnacol® 2121 water-based adhesive.  The characteristics of LWIC make it an excellent substrate for adhering Sarnafil feltback G410 membrane, resulting in commercial roofing systems with "high wind" performance.

peel and stick
Sarnafil Self - Adhered System

Improve your installation productivity and eliminate adhesive fumes with Sika Roofing's Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered thermoplastic roofing membrane.This innovative membrane provides all of the benefits of Sika's Sarnafil adhered roofing systems without the hassle and mess of liquid adhesives.