Unmatched Durability and Performance

Sika Sarnafil’s thermoplastic PVC membranes have been proven to last for decades on facilities as diverse as high rises, museums, retail stores, sports arenas and schools. We have numerous roofs that are currently over 35 years old – and still performing – proving our ability to pass the test of time.

Sika Sarnafil Roofs Proven to Last For Decades!

A study titled "Quantify and Qualify," tested 44 of Sika Sarnafil's oldest roofs throughout the world. The study included testing the physical properties of the samples as well as glass transition temperature and hail impact.

  Building Name, Location Special Note
32+ Years Brookshire Grocery Company - Tyler, TX
Extreme heat and humidity
28+ Years Copps Coliseum - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Snow and sub zero winter temperatures
45+ Years Hydro Power Station, Personico, Switzerland Still in service 35 years after original guarantee period expired
29+ Years Robbins Hall - University of California, Davis
Environmentally sensitive teaching laboratories
36+ Years First United Methodist Church - Laconia, NH Freezing winters, hot summers
29+ Years North Thurston High School - Lacey, WA Extended exposure to rain
31+ Years Winthrop Elementary School - Hamilton, MA
Two roofs in the school district 30+ years old and still in service, another 29+ years old
24+ Years Romanow Container - Westwood, MA
Extended high performance and minimal maintenance requirements
24+ Years One Capital Center - Boise, ID Still performing on high rise after a quarter century despite bitterly cold winters and very hot summers
28+ Years Filtration Group - Joliet, IL
Oldest roof on massive industrial complex, easily outperforming EPDMs and TPOs

The British Board of Agreement, a third party product assessment agency in the UK, also concluded that all available evidence suggests that Sarnafil Roof Membranes have a service life in excess of 35 years, and are engineered to withstand extreme environmental exposure.

First United Methodist Church - Laconia, NH

In 1976, Sarnafil was first installed in the US on the First United Methodist Church, in Laconia, NH. 45 years later, the church knew they could trust Sarnafil when it came time to replace their roof. The Church will now be protected for decades to come. Membrane proven performance is just one of the many reason Sika Sarnafil has been trusted as the industry leader for 60 years!