Warning! Our New Conductive Primer is Shocking.

Sikalastic® Conductive Primer is a two-component, epoxy resin premixed with conductive fibers to allow for high-voltage, electronic leak detection (ELD) on a dry surface. This innovative primer allows for conductivity over nonconductive substrates along with ELD testing without the need to wet the surface. Sikalastic Conductive Primer is to be used within a Sikalastic RoofPro liquid-applied roof system which can be warranted up to 25 years.

  • For Use With Sikalastic® RoofPro Systems
  • Low Odor, Low VOC Formulations
  • Compatible With Most Substrates
  • No Additional System Primer Required
  • Provides Conductivity Over Non-Conductive Substrates
  • No Wetting Or Flood Testing
  • High-voltage Electronic Leak Detection On Dry Surfaces Only
  • 15, 20, & 25-Year Warranty Options
  • Sikalastic® Resins 621 TC, 641 Lo-Voc, 624 WP and 644 Lo-Voc
  • Product Packaged in a 2-Gal, A/B Kit
  • High-voltage Leak Detection Only (Minimum 7.56 Kilovolts)
  • Primer Must Be Cured/Dry To The Touch
Sikalastic Conductive Primer
Applying Sikalastic Conductive Primer
Leak Detection

Leak Detection Equipment
Electronic Leak Detector