Sikafast 3341 is a breakthrough adhesive specially formulated to adhere to substrates known to be “impossible” to stick to such as PVDF resin-based  metal coatings, better known as Kynar®, Hylar®, etc. The PVDF resin technology that makes the coating perform so well with color retention, gloss  sheen longevity, and UV resistance, also makes it difficult for anything to stick to it. That is, until now! No longer is adhering to Kynar (or similar)  edge metal flashings a challenge when using Sikafast 3341.

Sikafast 3341 is a 2-component, self-mixing adhesive that comes in a dual-cartridge container. The mixing nozzle also comes with a special trowel  attachment for a clean, no-mess application. Sikafast 3341 can be used in both a Sika PVC or Liquid-Applied Membrane roofing application.

Benefits of Sikafast 3341

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Strong Bond
  • Adheres to Kynar® and Hylar® Coated Metal
  • Extended Open Time
  • Non-sagging
  • Good Peel Resistance
  • Specially Designed Trowel Attachment
SikaFast 3341
Apply Sikafast 3341 with the nozzle tip to the side of the Kynar edge-metal
Rolling Membrane Over Sikafast 3341
Weighted Metal Roller to Apply Pressure Over PVC Membrane