Dayton, Ohio

Décor Gives Wogmann Roof a New Life

“Act your age!” is something you might expect to hear directed to a school student, but not to the school’s roof. Yet instead of being problem-free like most roofs its age, the nine-year old shingle roof on the Wogaman 5-8 School in Dayton, Ohio, was performing like a much older roof that was past its prime. “There was a plethora of leaks, with the worst leak being over the principal’s office,” remarked JohnH. Carr, AIA and chief construction officer at Dayton Public Schools. As with a misbehaving student, this was a situation that had to be addressed – and soon. 

Dayton Public School District

Roofing Contractor
Mays Consulting & Evaluation Services, Inc.
Delaware, Ohio

Roofing System
Sarnafil Décor Roof System using 60mil G410 feltback membrane in lead gray

Project Size
85,000 square feet

wogaman roof-side
"Functions First, Aesthetics Second"

Gary Mays, president of Mays Consulting & Evaluation Services, Inc.of Delaware, Ohio, thought a membrane roofing system might be a good solution for the Wogaman School. “A shingle roof requires ventilation, and with a 3/12 low slope like this roof has, it is easy for water to back up under the shingles,” he said. Because the roof is very visible from the ground, its appearance was also important. This made the school’s roof a perfect candidate for the Sarnafil Décor Roof System.

A Roof For the Ages

Satisfaction with the quality of the installation was also mentioned, as both Sika and Harold J. Becker received high marks for their performance on this project. “The Sika representative was very good about giving advice and had a good technical background,” Mays stated. “Harold J. Becker also did an excellent job.

We have been working with them for many years and they are very capable, with very good installation and office crews.” “We are very familiar with Harold J. Becker and are always happy with their work, including on this job,” added Carr. It was this professionalism that earned Harold J. Becker first place in the Steep Slope Category of Sika Sarnafil’s 2014 Project of the Year competition. 

Now the new roof on the Wogaman School is acting its age. “The roof came out very well and the Décor system is an excellent success,” said Mays. “Everyone with the project is happy with the results.” “We are absolutely pleased with how the roof came out, and would strongly consider using the Décor system again,” Carr remarked. “I feel very confident that this roof will last for many years to come.”

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