SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™

SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ is a flexible, durable material that will protect interior flooring such as decorative concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, pavers, wood, and composite floors from harsh construction environments both before and after installation. SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ can be easily removed at the completion of the project, requiring minimal clean up.


When should it be installed?

SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ should be installed 72 hours after the concrete is placed to protect the floor, prior to the completion of polished, stained, stamped or other decorative finishes. It can also be used after the decorative finish is completed to protect the final installation.

What kind of protection does it provide?

SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ provides protection from construction traffic, equipment, gypsum wall board, dust and other construction related materials. It resists oil and petroleum-based compounds and high p/H compounds. SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ will not scratch wood, ceramic tile or other finished floor systems. Water will not deteriorate SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ like ordinary kraft paper.

SCOFIELD® Proguard™ Duracover™ is:
  • Oil and impact resistant
  • Easy to apply and remove
Ideal for use on:
  • Decorative
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Ceramic
  • Tile
  • Pavers
  • Wood
  • Composite