Sika is proud to offer a broad range of concrete forming and placing products for concrete contractors. Products include joint formers, finish formers, concrete handling products, PVC waterstop splicing equipment and accessories, expansion boards, and epoxy.

Learn more about our product offerings below.

Placement Products

No. 484 3-in-1 Hoppers

The No. 484 3-in-1 Hopper is constructed from highly durable, yet lightweight plastic for easy handling. The intake is 36 sq. in. with a graduated discharge that can be trimmed to fit 6", 8", and 12" diameter Elephant Trunks.

Elephant Trunk

The Elephant Trunk is a flexible PVC chute used to confine and direct concrete during placement in forms. Hoppers, Collars, and Clamps are convenient accessories for safely and efficiently funneling concrete into the Elephant Trunk. They are shipped in 50' rolls, but should not be used in lengths greater than 25'. 

Elephant Trunk Information
Category No. Diameter
681 6"
682 8"
683 12"

Stainless Steel Collars

Available for 8" and 12" diameter Elephant Trunks and enable a quick release from the Hopper.

Stainless Steel Collar Information
Cat. No Diameter
688 8"
689 12"

Concrete Treamies

Concrete Treamies are manufactured from high density polyethylene in 4 ft lengths. They taper from 9" to 8" or from 13" to 12".

Concrete Treamies Information
Category No. Diameter
142 9" to 8" x 4'
143 13" to 12" x 4'

Heavy Duty Hoppers

36" square, heavy duty, blue hopper is steel reinforced for added stability. It features an 8" or 12" discharge, which can be used with our Elephant Trunk.

No. 690 Steel Banding Clamps

These clamps are universally sized for securing any Elephant Trunk to Hoppers or Collars.

Forming Products

Chamfer Strips

Chamfer Strips are flexible PVC strips used for forming rounded or angled edges in columns, walls, or other concrete elements. They are reusable, can prevent leakage, and are ideal for radius applications in round columns. Chamfer profiles are shipped in 8' lengths.

Chamfer Strips Information

Radius with Tail
Cat. No. Radius
602 1/2"
603 3/4"
604 1"

Triangular with Tail
Cat. No. Ref.
611 1/2"
612 3/4"
613 1"
614 1-1/2"

Cat. No. Ref.
621 1/2"
622 3/4"
623 1"

ZipCap 2-Piece Control Joint Formliner

Eliminates saw cutting and creates a control joint with excellent aggregate interlock. Installs easily in fresh concrete.

ZipCap 2-Piece Control Joint Former Information
Category No. Depth
855 1"
856 1-1/2"
857 2"

Expansion Board Cap

Fits over an expansion board to prepare the joint for caulks or sealants. After the concrete is placed, the upper cap is removed, leaving a clean void for sealants.

Expansion Board Cap Information

No. 521 Plastic Keyway

Lightweight, impact resistant keyway former that can be easily stapled or nailed to wood forms.

No. 521 Plastic Keyway Information