SikaColor ®Color Hardeners create abrasion-resistant interior floors and freeze-thaw stable exterior hardscapes that stand up to both foot and vehicular traffic, and extreme weather. Based on Taber Abrasion testing, SikaColor®  Color Hardeners are significantly more abrasion resistant and provide superior compressive strength after 31 days over competing color hardener products.

Consisting of precise blends of cement, gap-graded silica quartz aggregates, synthetic iron oxides and plasticizer, SikaColor® Color Hardeners are applied to newly placed flatwork, and are available in a wide selection of standard color options. They can be used alone, or with Sika Stamps to produce a variety of colored concrete surfaces.


SikaColor® Color Hardener *Formerly LITHOCHROME Color Hardener

SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete during the finishing process. It is a cementitious-based coloring material that may be used to create abrasion resistant interior floors and exterior hardscapes. The time-tested formulation of SikaColor®- 200 Color Hardener creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic. It is available in a wide range of streak free, uniform colors ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich hues. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques, jointing schemes, saw cutting and/or pattern stamping, can create a striking effect. Previously named Perma-Shake® Color Hardener and LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener.

EMERCHROME® SC Color Hardener

EMERCHROME® SC Color Hardener is an extremely abrasion resistant dry shake color hardener that contains emery and silicon carbide to provide additional wear resistance and sparkling decorative effects. It is ideal for areas of high volume pedestrian or vehicular traffic. It is available in a wide range of colors, and must be installed at the time concrete is placed. Decorative effects can be created by lightly sandblasting fully cured applications, or by using LITHOCAST™ Surface Retarder 03 fine etch surface retarder at the time of installation. This will maximize slip resistance and reveal natural emery or silicon carbide aggregates that sparkle as pedestrians walk across the surface.