SikaColor® concrete sealers protect the surface, enhance the appearance of colored concrete, and may provide protection against contamination and chemical attack by imparting a film-forming layer on the surface of the concrete. This protective layer also adds a measure of abrasion resistance to the concrete surface.

SikaColor® solvent-based concrete sealers are non-yellowing curing  and  sealing  compounds  for  newly  poured  and  existing concrete surfaces. They are formulated for curing and sealing uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, and color hardened (shake-on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays. SikaColor® concrete sealers are compatible with nearly all coloring and texturing systems.

SikaColor® water-based curing compounds and cure/seals aid in the development of the designed concrete strength. They retain water in the concrete to promote proper cement hydration. The use of SikaColor® cures and sealers can help minimize unwanted cracking such as surface cracking and shrinkage cracking, and allow for the maximum potential of abrasion resistance of the concrete.


SikaCem®-102 First Seal

SikaCem®-102 First Seal® is a reactive water-based water repelling sealer for use on unsealed concrete or cementitious overlays. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® may be applied as soon as 24 hours after concrete placement. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® reacts with the concrete creating a water resistant surface and a hydrophobic interior, reducing water and chemical absorption and limiting the damaging effects caused by freeze-thaw cycling and de-icing salts. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® promotes excellent adhesion when applied prior to the application of SikaCem® acrylic sealers.

SikaCem®-190 Concrete Control

SikaCem®-190 Concrete Control is a non-film forming, low VOC, amorphous colloidal silica topical additive applied to freshly placed concrete that maintains adequate moisture while reducing the risk of concrete setting prematurely.

SikaCem®-190 Concrete Control is ideal for all concrete, colored concrete, and dry shake hardener applications. SikaCem®-190 Concrete Control is applied during the floating and troweling of freshly placed concrete to control moisture loss, allow proper cement hydration, extend workability, and make finishing the concrete flatwork easier and faster under adverse conditions of wind, sun, high temperature, or low humidity. 

LITHOCHROME® Colorwax™ Concrete Curing Compound

LITHOCHROME® Colorwax™ Concrete Curing Compound is a colored concrete curing compound that reduces moisture loss from freshly placed concrete. Use during concrete placement, to reduce surface cracks and color variations caused by uneven drying and efflorescence that commonly occurs in warm, windy, or dry environments. It is not a paint or concrete sealer, and will gracefully wear, weather, and dissipate over several months without the appearance of peeling or chipped paint.

SCOFIELD® Cureseal-W™

SCOFIELD® Cureseal-W™ is a concrete curing compound and sealer that reduces moisture loss and seals surfaces with an abrasion and stain resistant coating. Used during concrete placement, it reduces surface cracks and color variations caused by uneven drying and efflorescence that commonly occurs in warm, windy, or dry environments. Use on existing concrete to add an abrasion and stain resistant barrier that effectively seals, dustproofs, and prevents staining from common foods and chemicals. 

SCOFIELD® Revive™ Colored Sealer

SCOFIELD® Revive™ Colored Sealer is a solvent based concentrated pigment dispersion designed for coloring Scofield solvent based sealers and coatings. It's high pigment concentration enables the small package to color large quantities of sealers, curing compounds, and coatings without loss of coating performance.  

SCOFIELD® SelectSeal™ Plus

SCOFIELD® SelectSeal™ Plus utilizes unique proprietary waterborne technology that provides superior wet slip resistance while forming a tough stain and abrasion-resistant gloss finish that is superior to most solvent-based sealers. It can be tinted to deliver a multitude of translucent colored effects, and can be used to create floors compliant to various ANSI, ASTM, NFSI, and UL traction standards. It can be applied over a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions without cracking, crazing, frosting, or gumming.  

SCOFIELD® Traction Additive

SCOFIELD® Traction Additive is a lightweight synthetic coatings additive designed to increase slip resistance with minimal changes to coating color or appearance. It is easily incorporated into water or solvent based paints, stains, and sealers just prior to application. Lighter and less abrasive than ordinary sand aggregates, settling during application is reduced, a uniform appearance is more easily achieved, and surfaces are more comfortable to walk on.