Sika Scofield's Concrete Sealers protect the surface, enhance the appearance of colored concrete, and may provide protection against contamination and chemical attack by imparting a film-forming layer on the surface of the concrete. This protective layer also adds a measure of abrasion resistance to the concrete surface.

Sika's SCOFIELD® Cureseal™ solvent-based concrete sealers are non-yellowing curing  and  sealing  compounds  for  newly  poured  and  existing concrete surfaces. They are formulated for curing and sealing uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, and color hardened (shake-on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays. SCOFIELD® Cureseal™ concrete sealers are compatible with nearly all Scofield coloring and texturing systems.

Sika's water-based curing compounds and cure/seals such as SCOFIELD® CureSeal-W™ aid in the development of the designed concrete strength. They retain water in the concrete to promote proper cement hydration. The use of Scofield cures and sealers can help minimize unwanted cracking such as surface cracking and shrinkage cracking, and allow for the maximum potential of abrasion resistance of the concrete.