The Experts in 3D Concrete Printing

Sika offers comprehensive Sikacrete® 3D solutions for printing concrete rapidly, precisely, and inexpensively according to the project requirements. Sika’s over-100-year history in cement and admixture technology places us right in the middle - we want to support you with your printing requirements. Through our expert knowledge of construction materials, solutions, and with a global footprint in over 100 countries, Sika can support you with starting or improving your 3D concrete printing business.

In addition to our 3DCP products and technical support, Sika has a wide range of colorings, coatings, protections, sealants, bonding, adhesives, strengthening, anchoring and much more to add value to your product proposition.

Sika Leads The Way in 3D Concrete Printing

Sika has developed a multi-component system for 3D concrete printing including material supply, mixing technology, print head, gantry system, and software control. Furthermore, Sika develops a one-component material for customers already using a 3D printing system. This needs a close collaboration between the customer and Sika in order to supply the right material for the printing solution. With this system approach a material can be developed which leads to prints with the highest possible quality and accurate set times.

"Digitalization is changing every aspect of construction and the entire life cycle of a building, from the design process and automated construction all the way to maintenance. " Frank Höfflin (Head Operations, Quality, and EHS at Sika)

3D Concrete Printing Process

Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps design - splicing 3D design in computer screen 3D software
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps dosing - bag of mortar mix being dosed into concrete mixer machine
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps mixing - concrete mixing machine
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps pumping - machine printer pumping mortar ink
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps extrusion - machine printer extruding mortar ink
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps curing - printed elements dry in space protected from rain and weather

3D Concrete Printing Material

A competitive advantage that sets us apart is that Sika is a chemical company and we focused on our material first and then went to an robotic integrator that matched our specs for our material to create our 2K system. We believe with our tremendous progress over the past few years has alone already set us apart from fully integrated 3D companies. It all comes down to your material when having a successful print and being a material company we strive in that area. We do have the printer, material, and software and have many innovations coming in the near future that puts us in the same market as fully integrated 3D printing companies.

1-Component Material
  • Can print small over hangs about 15%
  • Can be extruded through a 3mm to a 75mm nozzle
  • Material can be used in many different mixers, pumps, and printer
  • Takes about 3-1/2 minutes to hydrate properly
  • 1 bag of material gets 16% water by volume (134 oz)


2-Component Material
  • Can produce items with large aggressive over hangs
  • Can start and stop (when creating a X)
  • Consistent flow and output
  • Fabricated a machine to place material
  • Perfectly blended material
  • Total control over design and print

Sika 3D Material Production

  • 3D material production located in US
  • Reduce freight costs
  • Strategically located to reduce carbon footprint of transportation

3D Concrete Printing Equipment

  • Positive action pan mixer for cementitious materials
  • Pump for conveying fresh mixed material continuously
  • Sufficient length of pipe to connect the pump and print head
  • Robot arm or gantry, including control software
  • Print head/nozzle
  • Suitable software for translating a 3D computer model into a machine program, often referred to as slicing

What Type of Objects Can Be 3D Printed?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D Concrete Printing. This technology allows designers to create custom objects not feasible with traditional casting methods. They can be smaller components like detailed architectural furniture, extending up to large-scale, fully-printed buildings or civil infrastructure. Digitalization is the driver of this innovation with the aim to improve productivity and save time in the process, while offering something that can help you stand out above the rest in the market.

Architectural Walls
architectural wall
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP
Building Components
building components
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP
Colored Concrete
3D Printing with Consturction 3D
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP
Customized Projects
Image: 2K printing with Pikus 3D
Facade Elements
Image: 1K printing with Besix 3D
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP
Infrastructure & Civil Engineering
infrastructure and civil engineering
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP
Indoor Furniture
indoor furniture
Image: 2K printing with Pikus 3D
Modular Building
modular building-3D
Image: 1K printing with Besix 3D
On-site Printing
3D Printing with Consturction 3D
Image: 1K printing with Constructions 3D
Outdoor Furniture
outdoor furniture
Image: 2K printing with Pikus 3D
Image: 2K printing with Affentranger 3DCP

On-Site Considerations

2 to 3 people are required to use a 3D printer:

  • Operate the computer
  • Feed material through the equipment
  • A third person may be required depending on size of equipment and printed object.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sika sell concrete or cement admixtures suitable for high resolution 3D concrete printing?

Yes, Sika has a range of concrete admixtures and mortar additives that can help to improve the printing consistency according to the project requirements.

Posted on: 04/27/2022
Does Sika support with concrete mix design for custom 3D concrete printing needs?

Yes, Sika can help support with concrete mix design. This is our daily business to support ready-mix and precast concrete manufacturers.

Posted on: 04/27/2022
Is it possible to use local materials and concrete with 3D concrete printing?

Sika has worldwide production factories.  Where possible, we would like to produce locally to reduce transportation costs and time. If you would like to use local concrete to 3D print, Sika can also assist with pre-testing the concrete using Sika admixtures.

Posted on: 04/27/2022
How can I do feasability studies to compare 3D concrete printing to traditional construction methods for my project?

Costs associated with 3D concrete printing are best discussed with equipment suppliers. The cost of traditional construction methods very much depends on the costs of materials and labor in your geographical area. A local contractor can possibly assist you to make the comparison.

Posted on: 04/27/2022
Are you able to smooth out the lines on the printed object?

Yes, the eaisest way is by attaching a wiper to the nozzle head.

Posted on: 05/02/2022
What determines the height limitation?

The height limitation is set by the maximum reach of the axes on the machine. The height is also determined by the design, the design needs to be able to support itself as it builds.

Posted on: 05/02/2022
Does Sika sell 3D concrete printers?

Sika does not sell 3DCP equipment. We have developed a gantry printer and license the construction to an equipment manufacturer. For more information, please contact us.

Posted on: 05/03/2022