Interested in Concrete Printing Architectural Pieces?

Are you interested in 3D Concrete printing architectural pieces or looking to get involved in 3D Concrete printing?

We have the solution for you with our 2-component 3D Concrete printing!

Two-Component 3D Concrete Printing is for You

2K or 2-component is used to refer to the number of modules in a material to make a product. Sika’s award-winning 2K system is a gantry equipment and accelerated printing materials together in a unique turn-key solution fully developed by Sika. This is an automated system utilizing several existing Sika technologies to produce very fast, precise, and high-quality printing.

Close up texture of Sika 3D concrete printed element

The gantry system was developed by Sika and is fabricated under license with one of our partners. It consists of:

  • Patented mixing station
  • PumpGantry
  • Patented printing head
  • Computer and software 

Also available from Sika are the only compatible Sikacrete®-7100 3D printing materials specially developed with the Sika 3DCP gantry equipment.

Sikacrete®-7100 3D

Sikacrete®-7000 3D consists of a cementitious powder and liquid polymer which is combined with water in the mixing station. Additional colors can be added to enhance the appearance. An activator is added in the print head which provides setting on demand.

  • High compressive strength
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Adjustable setting time
  • Long open time
  • Printing at angles

3D Concrete Printer

Sikaprint Core System: System of stations that doses, mixes, and delivers the dry and wet Sikacrete®-7100 3D components to the patented print head. Also includes the software for the core system to communicate with the printing robot.

3D Concrete Printing Benefits

  • Saves time on choosing, ordering, setting up and testing materials, while allowing you to concentrate on the business and sales
Technical Support
  • Sika know-how for printing materials, CAD, technical design, operator manuals, training, and updates
  • Additional network to the construction industry
High Quality
  • Small grain size for a smooth finish in light grey or optional colors to enhance your product
  • Very high standard of printing
Increased Productivity
  • Automated process requires less labor than traditional concrete casting techniques
  • No formwork
  • Immediate setting means the objects can be moved within a short time after printing
  • Long pot life of the mix means the production process can be paused and restarted easily
  • A range of Sika products which can add value to your product proposition
Full Range of Compatible Add-ons

Sika has a range of compatible solutions and admixtures to enhance and improve your 3D concrete printing.

Concrete Admixtures
SikaRapid® Accelerators to reduce setting time or speed up hardening
Sika® Viscocrete® / Viscoflow Workability enhancers
SikaTard® Retarders
SikaControl® A range of shrinkage reducing agents, air entrainers
SikaColor® Pigments to enhance the appearance
SikaGrout® Levelling or under grouting elements
Sikacrete® Lightweight infill
Sika Anchorfix® Anchoring fixing for lifting
Sika MonoTop® Hand or spray applied layers
SikaTop® Waterproofing surfaces
EpoCem® Higher resistance
Sikagard® Hydrophobic impregnation and coating solutions
SikaPump® Lubrication for rotor-stators and pipes
Sealing and Bonding
Sikaflex® Sealing joints between elements
Sikaceram® Adhesive to bond decorative features
Sikadur® Interlayer bonding between day joints
Sika Carbodur® Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates
Sika Wrap® Woven, unidirectional carbon fiber fabric