Interested in 3D Concrete Printing Homes?

Are you interested in 3D concrete printing homes or already involved in 3D concrete printing?

We have the solution for you with our 1-component 3D concrete printing material!

How to get started in 3D Concrete Printing?

Sika provides cementitious materials for printing objects with your equipment.  There are numerous types of mixers, pumps, and robotics on the market. To achieve a successful print, the equipment and material must work together. All these factors play a significant role in achieving optimal results of the finished concrete. Sika works with our partners to evaluate the print quality and find ways to improve it. 

Types of information we can discuss:

  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • What type of objects do you print?
  • What line widths, heights, printing speed and ambient temperatures are you working with?
  • What are your open time, setting time, strength and performance requirements?
  • Do you have any special requirements e.g., testing, colors, maximum grain size, packaging?
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps design - splicing 3D design in computer screen 3D software
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps dosing - bag of mortar mix being dosed into concrete mixer machine
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps mixing - concrete mixing machine
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps pumping - machine printer pumping mortar ink
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps extrusion - machine printer extruding mortar ink
Illustration of 3D concrete printing steps curing - printed elements dry in space protected from rain and weather

Sikacrete®-752 3D


Sikacrete®-752 3D is a 1-part mirco-concrete that is mixed with water and available as 55 lb bags or2000 lb super sacks. With its desirable finished color appearance of white, the uses of Sikacrete®-752 3D are endless. Suitable for continuous and static mixers and designed to be easy for pumping with reduced equipment wear. With its unique ability of achieving a smooth appearance and excellent crack resistance, Sikacrete®-752 3D is the answer for your 3D printing needs.


  • All-in-one bag, just mix with water
  • Fast absorbing
  • Low viscosity for easy pumping
  • Manufactured in the US - no ocean freight cost
  • Print line stability and accuracy
  • Capable of printing at angles
  • Can be printed through a 3mm - 75 mm nozzle
  • Maintains shape after extrusion
besix 3d home
Sika Besix 3D concrete printed planter streetscape furniture

3D Concrete Printing Solutions


Technical Support
  • Help and assistance from local Sika organizations, with know-how in cementitious technology, 3DCP applications and knowledge of the construction industry
  • Support with laboratory testing
High Quality
  • Small grain size for a smooth finish in light grey
Increased Productivity
  • Accelerated products for building and stacking higher layers to improve output
  • A range of Sika products which can add value to your product proposition
Full Range of Compatible Add-ons

Sika has a range of compatible solutions and admixtures to enhance and improve your 3D concrete printing.

Concrete Admixtures
SikaRapid® Accelerators to reduce setting time or speed up hardening
Sika® Viscocrete® / Viscoflow Workability enhancers
SikaTard® Retarders
SikaControl® A range of shrinkage reducing agents, air entrainers
SikaColor® Pigments to enhance the appearance
SikaGrout® Levelling or under grouting elements
Sikacrete® Lightweight infill
Sika Anchorfix® Anchoring fixing for lifting
Sika MonoTop® Hand or spray applied layers
SikaTop® Waterproofing surfaces
EpoCem® Higher resistance
Sikagard® Hydrophobic impregnation and coating solutions
SikaPump® Lubrication for rotor-stators and pipes
Sealing and Bonding
Sikaflex® Sealing joints between elements
Sikaceram® Adhesive to bond decorative features
Sikadur® Interlayer bonding between day joints
Sika Carbodur® Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates
Sika Wrap® Woven, unidirectional carbon fiber fabric