For more than a century, Sika has been producing high quality, innovative admixture technologies for concrete. Sika’s first product, appropriately named "Sika 1", was a concrete admixture that allowed for the electrification of tunnels in Europe by waterproofing the concrete that lined the interior. Now recognized as a world leader in specialty chemicals and other products specifically engineered for concrete, we continue to bring technologies to the market that focus on the optimization of cost, workability, and durability of concrete throughout the production and placement processes.

With a full line of concrete admixtures and complementary products for ready mix, tunneling & mining, precast/prestress, paving, manufactured concrete products, and dry mortar production, Sika has unique and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the concrete industry. Our broad range of admixtures help to improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results to our customers and end users.

Concrete, the single most widely-used building material in the world, has a history dating back to the Romans and ancient Egyptians. Given that concrete is used twice as much in construction over all other building materials, emphasis on quality, performance and sustainability is essential for the industry to grow and thrive. 

One of the most important ingredients in high performance, long-lasting, durable concrete produced today are concrete admixtures. Concrete admixtures are natural or manufactured chemicals or additives added during concrete mixing to enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete, such as workability, durability, or early and final strength.

For over
100 years,
Sika has been producing high quality, innovative technologies for concrete, beginning with the first product named Sika®-1, which is still in the Sika product portfolio today.

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Chemical Admixtures Are One of the Components in High Performance Concrete

The first step in optimizing concrete is to recognize that concrete is no longer simply cementitious materials, aggregates and water. It is a high performance material with not just four, but seven essentials - consisting of water, cementitious materials, sand, gravel, chemical admixtures, additives and fiber reinforcement. 

Essential Components of Concrete

With this One Material - Concrete - Sika Supports Your Project Needs

Our local sales and technical services teams support you throughout every phase of the construction process: from the initial consultation and project planning phase, to the detailed design phase and application on the job site, and finally quality control, completion and final handover. 

Ready Mix Concrete Producer

Engineering of concrete structures is a continuously evolving process. Invention and development of new construction methods place increasing demands on the building materials. Concrete producers face this technological challenge daily alongside other factors such as economy, ecology, raw material and energy costs and logistical complexity. In the duration of the whole construction process, time itself is an increasingly important factor.

Sika provides a wide range of concrete admixtures with innovative options for concrete mix design, whether it's for substantially reducing the water content of a mix (e.g. with Sika® ViscoCrete), using a more economical mix design or achieving sufficient early strength. Sika's concrete admixtures help you meet the challenges of modern concrete technology and the construction business.

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Precast Concrete Industry

Wet Precast Concrete
Structural design and construction with precast concrete elements require versatile products, from we precast production to erection on site. Sika, a full range supplier, meets the diverse complexity of the entire precast concrete element production and construction process with solutions for all requirements, i.e. SikaRapid® for fast cycle times.


Precast concrete bridge  elements
Specifiers - Architects and Engineers

For those who are designing and engineering the fresh and hardened concrete specification, Sika provides expert support, from the drawing board to the job site. We welcome the chance to work with specifiers and help design cast-in-place concrete to exceed your expectations - whether it is a high-strength mix or a unique color finish texture you want to specify. In addition to our support services and concrete admixtures, we have a comprehensive range of products from "basement to roof" for your project. 

Learn more about our full range of construction solutions available. 

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For every type of concrete building construction project, we provide concrete products, technology and service - from highly workable and easy to place concrete to cast-in-place concrete that must meet challenging conditions or specifications and much more. 

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