Integral Colors

All Sika Integral Color conforms to ASTM Standard C 979 (Standard Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete). Finely ground and precisely measured, Sika Integral Color can also be used to help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect through the use of special reflective pigments in our SOLACHROME™ Integral Coloring Treatment for High-SRI Concrete.For economical, non-architectural color, SCOFIELD® Integral Color SG is available in pre-measured bags or granular formulation.


SikaColor®-100 P

*formerly CHROMIX® P Admixtures

SikaColor®-100 P are pre-packaged, easy to disperse bags of integral coloring admixture that permanently color decorative architectural concrete placements, precast structures, and other cementitious materials. With additives carefully blended into the composition, CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete are designed to have minimum impact on concrete plastic properties and compensate for the increased water demand ordinary pigments have on most mix designs.

SikaColor®-120 G

*formerly CHROMIX® G Admixtures

SikaColor®-120 G are free-flowing concentrated pigment granules designed to permanently color concrete and other cementitious materials. They can be poured directly into concrete mixes, conveyed by gravity feed or pneumatic equipment, or pre-dispensed into pulpable bags that can later be added directly to the concrete mix as a single unit.

SikaColor Yellow Bag Product for Integral Admixtures