Ensuring that concrete arrives on the project at the proper slump is the best way to minimize issues and save time. The use of ViscoFlow products can allow producers to batch the concrete at the slump desired and maintain it all the way to the jobsite. ViscoFlow products are based on Sika’s innovative polycarboxylate polymer technology.

Sika ViscoFlow®-2020

Water Reducing and Workability Retaining Admixture
Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 is unique concrete admixture used to control workability and slump retention of freshly mixed concrete. Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 contains the latest time released polycarboxylate polymer technology, allowing controlled slump extension depending on project needs and actual concreting conditions. Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 typically does not significantly increases slump of the concrete mixture once introduced and properly mixed, but rather maintains concrete consistency for an extended period of time, resulting in a “Flat” slump life performance. Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 can be successfully used in various concrete applications, specifically whenever extended slump retention and concrete plasticity without set time delays is required. Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 is engineered to maximize product performance and to deliver desired consistency across the wide variety of cementitious materials available on the market. Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 is not a retarding admixture.    Use of Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 offers the following benefits to a concrete producer:
  • Extended slump retention without excessive retardation.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for concrete re-tempering.
  • “Flat” slump life performance.
  • Better ability to optimize concrete mix designs resulting in cost savings.
  • Ability to use higher content of supplementary cementitious materials due to improved production consistency.
  • Ability to adjust the slump retention accordingly to transportation time.
  • Easy and simple adjustment of concrete slump retention based on ambient temperatures.
  • Improved concrete consistency and reduced rejection rates due to issues related to concrete re-tempering.