Hanover, PA


OWNER: Conewago Manufacturing, LLC
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Conewago Enterprises, Inc.
READY-MIX SUPPLIER: Conewago Ready Mix Concrete
CONTRACTOR: Keith D. Smith Concrete Contractor, Inc.
YEAR: 2020

Tilt Up Construction Panels

Conewago Enterprises, a leading design-build general contractor serving the mid-Atlantic region, recently constructed a 125’ x 100’ addition to Conewago Manufacturing's steel fabrication building. When planning the building expansion they requested a mix design that would have a low shrinkage value resulting in the ability to have a minimum amount of joints. The downtime and maintenance issues associated with joints in a manufacturing facility were the main driver of the decision. 

Conewago Ready Mix used a mix design that incorporated CarbonCure™Technologies, which introduces recycled CO2 into fresh concrete to reduce its carbon footprint. The mix design was further improved by incorporating 3% SikaControl®-NS technology and 3 lbs of micro fiber per cubic yard.SikaControl®-NS blends expansive components with pore water surface tension reduction to defend against both autogenous and drying shrinkage cracks. Micro fibers provide additional resistance to early age cracking inconcrete. SikaControl®-NS supplemented with micro fiber reinforcement provides a complimentary approach to crack-free slabs on ground.

Concrete Pouring into Slab

The slab was poured in two placements. The first placement was 62.5’ x 100’ with a control joint cut mid-span at 50’. The second placement was 63.5' x 100'. The slabs were 8” thick reinforced concrete poured over a double slip sheet on a well-graded compacted subgrade. The slabs incorporated diamond dowels for load transfer at the construction joint. The result is a crack-free manufacturing facility that Conewago Steel Systems uses on a daily basis.

Concrete Warehouse Floor