SMARThatch™ technology, featuring AIRtrac™ Mobile, is an innovative concrete quality control solution with real-time air, temperature, volume-in-the-drum, revolution counter and hydraulic pressure slump correlation. This information is available on an in-cab display and cloud-based dashboard. It allows Ready Mix Producers using mixer trucks to reduce rejected loads, improve quality and consistency, save time and understand how much concrete they are bringing back from a job.


Tilcon Ready Mix Truck
  • Air % by Volume
  • Volume-in-the-Drum
  • Temperature
  • Revolution Counter
  • Hydraulic Pressure for Slump Correlation
  • Truck Cab Display
  • Cellular Telematics Module
  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Historical Data
Cidra Cement Truck Diagram
Financial & Operational Benefits
  • Reduce rejected loads
  • Reduce remediation expense
  • Reduce time, labor and variability related to manual testing
  • Knowing actual volume, time and temperature enable optimal repurposing of concrete
  • Optimize yield estimates and control
  • Provide continuous measurement of entire load vs. small sample size of traditional manual test
  • Deliver real-time concrete air and temperature measurement from batch plant to job site
  • Measure your air before discharging - no waiting
  • expand your quality control coverage
  • Alert key personnel to out-of-specification concrete
  • Provide visibility of adherence to standard operating procedures (e.g. mixing time and drum speed)
  • Designed for reliable performance
  • Install easily on any truck drum style

"The ability to constantly monitor air entrainment and concrete temperature in 'real-time' is a huge asset to QC personnel and aids in the preliminary dosing of admixtures based on constant data collection." 

- Ready Mix QC Manager

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