SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener

Dry shake color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete to create abrasion-resistant interior floors and exterior hardscapes

SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete during the finishing process. It is a cementitious-based coloring material that may be used to create abrasion resistant interior floors and exterior hardscapes. The time-tested formulation of SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic. It is available in a wide range of streak free, uniform colors ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich hues. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques, jointing schemes, saw cutting and/or pattern stamping, can create a striking effect. Previously named Perma-Shake® Color Hardener and LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener.

  • Hardens & densifies concrete surface
  • Increases abrasion resistance 
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to fading
  • Superior aggregate gradation allows for easy finishing
  • It’s water-reducing wetting agent allows it to be readily incorporated into the concrete surface, forming a rich paste that makes finishing easier
  • Provides an extremely durable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Adds a wide array of color options that are bolder, brighter, or lighter than gray concrete
  • Combinations of colors can be used to create a desired mood and theme
  • Lighter colors are recommended on pool decks