Sika takes pride in delivering products and solutions that will last decades under harsh environmental conditions for both solar and wind energy modules found on land and sea.   Sika offers state-of-the-art technology developed over our long term experience and optimized to provide improved performance, curing speeds and increased process capabilities. These factors, together with a comprehensive and worldwide project support, make Sika an ideal partner to manufacturers of wind turbines and blades, photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrating solar power systems, as well as markets that service wind and solar systems in the field.  As a Sika partner and customer, you can expect competent global and local support for product specification, development and testing, application systems design and logistics.

Solar panel mounted with Sika SolarMount on single-ply membrane

Sika's global project support makes us an ideal partner to manufacturers of photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrating solar power systems.  We offer state-of-the-arts solutions for a range of applications, performance, curing speeds and process capabilities.


Elastic Sealing and Bonding
HighStrength Bonding


Elastic Sealing and Bonding
High Strength Bonding 

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The Sika SolaRoof® is a comprehensive, integrated solar solution incorporating the proven performance of Sarnafil roof assemblies with the Sika SolarMount-1 - an innovative, non-penetrating, engineered solution for long-term securement of solar rooftop photovoltaic. Sika SolarMount-1 is a lightweight, aerodynamic mounting system for the installation of rigid PV panels on low slope Sarnafil thermoplastic roofs.