Floor covering adhesives are what we at Sika take pride in. Polyurethane is our passion and we do it well. The SikaBond line consists of a wide variety of polyurethane adhesives ranging in wood capabilities, product elasticity, sound ratings, unlimited moisture limitations, cleanability, and easy to open and close packaging. The SikaBond line also offers our acrylic adhesive with extended working times for any of your non-wood floor covering projects.

Sika® AcouBond®-System

The Sika® AcouBond®-System incorporates Direct Bond Technology with acoustic performance. The Sika® AcouBond®-System consists of SikaLayer-03, a 1/8” (3 mm) proprietary specially slotted foam mat, and the SikaBond®-T53, unique permanently elastic, super strong, sound dampening adhesive that form a tenacious bond to wood flooring, plywood subfloors, concrete and other common subfloor materials.