In the industry, substrates should always be tested in order to determine if the substrate is porous or non-porous.

  • A substrate is called porous or absorbent when a liquid is drawn into and tends to fill permeable pores in a porous solid body. 
  • A non-porous substrate or non-absorbent, will be impermeable to liquids. 

ASTM F-3191

1. Substrate must be clean and free of dust 
2. Place a single drop of portable water (quarter size) on the substrate using a pipette 
3. Results determination

Length of Time to Absorb Substrate Determination
<1 minute Porous/Absorptive
> 1 minute Non-Porous/Non Absorptive

4. Perform three tests for the first 2,000 ft2 and at least one for each additional 3,000 ft2.

Note: the size, shape and color of the water drop may indicate the presence of contaminants onto the substrate.




Each of these primers will give you what you need for your floor before any installation of Sika® Level underlayment and other varieties of floor covering

Sika® Moisture Barriers such as Sika® MB and Sika® MB Redline and Sika® adhesives such as SikaBond®-T55, T35, T21, T15 and T100 require a porous substrate.