Construction worker fixing a concrete crack

A crack injection using either Epoxy resin or Polyurethane resin, where
movement is expected or water leakages have to be stopped quickly.

Mixing a bonding agent in a bucket
Bonding Agents

Bonding Agents are a line of epoxy adhesives in low and high modulus
variations with multiple viscosities to guarantee a proper bond.

construction worker applying anchoring adhesive

High performance adhesive anchoring systems specially formulated for use with threaded rod and reinforcing bars in cracked and uncracked concrete.

close up of exopy overlay on high way

Used as the binder resin for a skid-resistant broadcast overlay. Also,
used as the binder resin for epoxy mortar and concrete for patching and

Bridge under construction over water with mountains in the background

A line of epoxy adhesives used for structural bonding of concrete, masonry, wood, steel, etc. 

applying joint sealant in warehouse
Control Joints

Semi-rigid sealants used to fill horizontal and vertical control joints in concrete.