Anguilla Island


Hurricane Irma was a horrific storm with 185 mph winds that whipped through the island of Anguilla causing harm and destruction everywhere. Amid this widespread devastation, the one building that was spared was the Central Energy Plant (CEP) building that had Sikalastic RoofPro to protect the roof from the storm, which was featured in our previous article ‘Sikalastic is a Hurricane Survivor’. Based on this successful performance, the Four Seasons resort management decided to re-roof 53 other buildings damaged by Irma resulting in a 330,000 square foot project. 

Struggles During The Project

With the Four Seasons set to reopen March 23, 2018, contractors were dealing with a very tight schedule. The materials needed to be shipped from the US to Anguilla and to rebuild the roofs they needed approximately 80 truckloads worth of materials from the Port of Miami to Anguilla. The materials needed to begin arriving in Anguilla in early December and everything needed to be completely delivered by the end of January in order to allow time for installation.

Another major challenge faced during the project was the lack of electrical power as the winds had knocked out almost 100% of the above ground, pole-mounted electrical supply lines and transformers on the island. Luckily, the Four Seasons had a 500kW generator shipped from the US to provide temporary power to the resort so that rebuilding could begin. This allowed workers to be housed while they were in the process of rebuilding but with the scarce power and gasoline, it still caused many delays during the project.

Irma had also knocked out the resort’s reverse osmosis water treatment plant, which meant water supply was limited and most of the water had to be delivered to the resort by truck. Other than the daily necessities of water, it was also needed for the water blasting equipment and other construction-related operations.

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