SWRI Trinity Awards

Year Category Name Location
2018 Restoration Revitalization and Fan Experience Improvements
2014 Waterproofing 215 East 68th Street
Manhattan, NY
2011 Restoration Bellaire Tower - The Jewel of Russian Hill San Francisco, CA

ASBI Bridge Awards

Year Bridge Name Location
2019 St. Croix Bridge Oak Park Heights, Minnesota
2017   Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge New Haven, Connecticut
2017 I-5 Antlers Bridge Replacement Shasta County, California
Section 5 Palmetto SR826/836 Interchange (Bridges 9, 11, 15, and 19) Miami, Florida
2015 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span Skyway
San Francisco and Oakland, California
2013 The Charles W. Cullen Bridge Over The Indian River Inlet Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
2013 Miami Intermodal Center - Earlington Heights Connector Miami, Florida
2011 4th Street Bridge Pueblo, Colorado
2011 Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Clark Country, Nevada & Mohave Country, Arizona
2011 I-95/I-295 North Interchange Jacksonville, Florida
2011 DCR Access Road Bridge Over Route 24 Randolph, Massachussetts
2011 US 191 Colorado River Bridge Moab, Utah
2011 Bridge of Honor Between Pomeroy, Ohio & Mason, West Virginia
2009 I-35W Bridge Minneapolis, Minnesota
2009 Soun Transit Central Link Light Rail, Tukwila Segment Seattle, Wwashington
2007 Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway Tampa, Florida
2007 I-76 Susquehanna River Bridge Pennsylvania
2007 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Washington, D.C.
2005 Victory Bridge New Jersey
2005 Four Bears Bridge North Dakota
2005 Air Train JFK International Airport New York
2005 Route 364 Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park Bridge Missouri
2005 SR 9/I-95 Palm Beach International Airport Interchange Florida
2003 Big I Interchange (I-25/I-40) Albuquerque, New Mexico
2003 CA/T I-93 Viaducts & Ramps Boston, Massachussetts
2003 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge Richmond, Virginia

International Concrete Repair Awards

Date Award Won Category Project Location
2019 Project of the Year Transportation The Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge Rehabilitation Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2019 Award of Excellence High-Rise Category Signature Place Condominium  St. Petersburg, FL
2019 Award of Excellence Longevity Category Lake Merritt Boathouse:10 Years Later  Oakland, CA
2019 Award of Excellence Parking Structures Category The Promenade Apartments  Manhattan, NY
2019 Award of Merit Longevity Category Sound of the Sea II Condominiums Emerald Isle, NC
2019 Award of Merit Special Projects Category Trinity Stadium Rehabilitation Haverhill, MA
2018 Project of the Year Historic The Edison Battery Building
West Orange, NJ
2018 Award of Merit Longevity
Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tampa Bay, FL
2018 Award of Merit High-Rise The Philadelphian Philadelphia, PA
2017 Award of Merit Parking Structures Brandeis Parking Garage Omaha, NE
2017 Award of Excellence Transportation Paradise Island East Bridge Nassau, Bahamas
2017 Award of Excellence Special Projects Chase Field Repairs Phoenix, AZ
2017 Award of Excellence Water Systems Gold Bar Influent Channel No. 2 Canada
2017 Project of the Year Historic Alcatraz Quartermaster Building San Francisco, CA
2016 Award of Merit Historic
Providence Health Center Providence, RI
2016 Award of Merit Longevity State Highway 183 Bridge Over MacArthur Boulevard Irving, TX
2016 Award of Excellence High-Rise Harris County Courthouse Houston, TX
2016 Project of the Year Historic Hibernia Bank San Francisco, CA
2015 Award of Excellence Transportation Culver Line Viaduct Rehabilitation Brooklyn, NY
2015 Award of Merit Longevity Longfellow Towers Boston, MA
2014 Award of Excellence High-Rise Restoration of 945 Green Street San Francisco, CA
2014 Award of Excellence Masonry From Metal Foundry tp Design House Philadelphia, PA
2014 Award of Merit Longevity JTA Skyway Double-Tee Beams Restoration
Jacksonville, FL
2014 Award of Merit Masonry Restoration of 215 East 68th Street
New York, NY
2014 Award of Sustainability
Historic Baltimore Design School
Baltimore, MD
2014 Project of the Year Historic Baltimore Design School
Baltimore, MD

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