Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Project Description

Gateway Terrace is a 257-unit apartment community in the Victoria Park neighborhood of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It is situated at the intersection of Karen Canal and Middle River.

The Gateway Terrace is composed of twenty-six buildings, all of them requiring full window replacement. Challenge of the project; All units were occupied and the windows needed to be removed, and replaced in one day.

Gateway Terrace Apartment Buildings Surrounded by Tropical Trees

Project Solution

Sika was able to offer multiple fast curing products to make this project a success. As the windows were removed, two mortars, SikaQuick VOH and SikaQuick 1000 were used to repair the window openings.

As a second step, Sikaflex 102 EverFlash Membrane was applied on all sides of the window opening. This product is great for detailing and waterproofing rough openings. After the window bucks were installed, another layer of Sikaflex 102 Everflash Membrane was applied over the top. Second layer is used to make the window buck waterproof and airtight.

Only one hour later the new windows were put in place by using Sikasil WS 295. The perimeter of the vinyl window and stucco were sealed with SikaHyflex 150 LM. All of these materials were applied in one day, meeting the demands of the project which was successfully completed in February 2018.

Products Used

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