Why Choose FRP Systems For Strengthening Applications?

Strengthening solutions based on FRP systems exhibit superb performance and reliability, as well as providing a cost and time-effective alternative to traditional retrofitting options. Since the 1980s, FRP design guidelines have developed to include different methods and alternative approaches for design, incorporating these options to produce new strengthening solutions. However, these new possibilities can involve complex calculation procedures, making manual design calculations difficult in many situations.

FREE Software For Advanced Structural Design

The new Sika® CarboDur® software has been developed as a user-friendly, professional design tool, which provides the engineers with the opportunity to design the optimum FRP strengthening solution themselves according to the available Sika CFRP range in the selected territory:

  • Sika® CarboDur® plates for externally bonded/NSM applications
  • SikaWrap® fabrics and cords
  • Sika® CarboDur® BC Rods
  • Sika CarboStress® post-tensioned CFRP system
  • Sika CarboShear L links
Simple, Safe, Professional

Sika® CarboDur® FRP design software is a locally adaptable international software that provides automated calculation in just a few easy steps. The user manages and controls all of the process, and is fully informed about all of the different parameters, results and verifications made throughout the process and the calculations.

- Complex calculations in minimum time, including:

  • Columns exposed to axial loads or axial loads + bending moments simultaneously
  •  Reinforced or prestressed beams under flexure
  •   Shear strengthening of beams / column
  •  Determination of the fire resistance of the member (available for European codes)


- Updated on a regular basis
- User-friendly interface
- Available in different languages
- Free to use
- Based on international structural codes:

  • ACI 440.2R-08 and ACI 318-14
  • TR55 and EUROCODE 2
  • SIA 166 and SIA 262:2013, etc.
Sika Carbodur Software Screenshot

The software is free to use. After the trial period (15 days) you will be asked to complete the registration form in order to activate the software.


...but first, please read carefully:
This software application and the results derived from its utilization are intended only for use by professional users with expert knowledge in the area of the intended application. Users must independently verify the results before any use and take into account the site and application conditions, product data sheet and product literature, technical state of the art as well as local applicable standards and regulations.

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