In January of 2017, Rmax became part of the Sika Corporation. The integration of Rmax and Sika provides us with an industry leading position in polyiso continuous insulation, waterproofing, air barriers and sealants for the entire building envelope.

Rmax insulation has been designed and tested to provide building envelopes with superior insulating protection while meeting the newest codes and requirements. Rmax’s engineered products and solutions allow for ultimate efficiency through multiple design options, creating ease of construction and reduced energy usage. This leads to a better building envelope while adding to the bottom-line through both material and labor savings - making Rmax an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications.

ECOMAXci® Wall Solution for Commercial Exterior Walls

Rmax ECOMAXci® is installed continuously to reduce thermal bridging and meet R-value requirements with a thinner profile. This wall solution blocks air and moisture and is lightweight and easy to install - all contributing to overall savings. Combined with Rmax tape and flashing, this solution has been tested to meet stringent fire code requirements as well as air and water barrier standards for the most effective, efficient building envelope design.