Stateline, Nevada


The $100 million-plus, 169,000 square-foot project includes addressing environmental issues such as energy efficiency, runoff and other water-quality concerns. The resort is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017. The unique 235-acre property includes an exceptional, LEED-designed lodge with 154 luxury guest rooms in a new main lodge, a health spa, bistro style restaurant, and a 10,000 square-foot conference center. Future plans include an additional 10 cabins consisting of up to 4 residences each along the 8th and 9th fairways, and an expansion of the existing clubhouse. The development will serve as a catalyst for South Shore of Lake Tahoe’s reinvention. To aid in achieving a high LEED rating, as well as providing thermal, air, and moisture protection on the full building envelope, Rmax is providing continuous insulation solutions for both the exterior wall and roof assemblies to aid in the energy-efficiency of the lodge.

CCY Architects

Gale Building Products

Wall: Service Partners, Inc.
Roof: Allied Building Products


Rmax ECOMAXci™ Wall Solution, Nailable Base-3 and Multi-Max® FA-3

With reinforced aluminum foil facers, ECOMAXci™ offers enhanced durability, dimensional stability and greater radiant heat protection. ECOMAXci™ Wall Solution provides a ready-made answer to fire, air and water, as well as, thermally efficient continuous insulation. These roof and wall solutions are durable, easy to install and eliminate the need for additional materials - all contributing to overall project savings.

Multi-Max® FA-3 has glass fiber/organic mat facers on both sides as Nailable Base-3 has the same mat facer on one side and a 7/16” thick OSB nailing panel on the other. Use of Multi-Max® FA-3 and Nailable Base-3 in the roof system further maximizes the buildings efficiency with some of the highest r-values in the industry.