Sika for Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Marine Vessels

Sika provides direct glazing, teak decking, exterior and interior sealing and bonding as well as acoustic flooring systems in the manufacture and repair of leisure boats, commercial vessels and offshore platforms.

Our elastic bonding and sealing solutions are designed with the marine environment in mind: resistance to water, sun, cleaning chemicals and fatigue. Sika offers a range of flooring products, each of which have a levelling and smoothing aspect as well as varying degrees of noise and vibration reduction properties coupled with fire performance in order to meet the requirements of both ship owners and regulatory bodies.

The application of the marine products on a ship deck.

Wherever You Are, Go With Sika Marine

Our motto encompasses the passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence shared by Sika alongside our loyal customers.

From racing teams, to commercial fishing skippers, to boatbuilders of all sizes, many make Sika's wide breadth of products for marine manufacturing and repair their first choice.

Browse our testimonials below to see why customers trust Sika and choose what the pros use!

A Family Tradition
"When I was out on the boat with my dad, those days were magical to me." Avid sailor Tyler Kivland describes his love of boating with his late father, as well as his family.

Sika's complete line of boat repair products ensure their safety during each and every journey on the water. Play the video to hear Tyler's story.

Insetta Boatworks - More Than Trust
From COO Joel Shine: "We're building boats. We're not manufacturing boats. There's a big difference." The custom shipbuilder prides itself on handcrafted boats that feature a unique hydrofoil catamaran-style hull, elevating performance and efficiency in the water. Insetta uses Sika's Adekit® A236-120 for deck-to-hull bonding, as well as Sikaflex®-291 and 295 UV on center consoles and thru-hull fittings.

Viking Yachts - 50+ Years of Better Boats
 "There's nothing better than putting a piece of glass in and knowing that it's going to stay there and not worry about it again." Based in New Jersey, Viking Yachts' Paul Raposa (Engineering Manager) shares some of their philosophies on shipbuilding, and where Sika fits in. Viking uses Sikaflex®-295 UV for window installation and SC 175 Epoxy Modeling Paste for tooling their own molds. 

Saunders Yachtworks - Every Step of the Way
"Sika is a quality product. We've used it for a number of years, and we've gotten some real support and training on it." Boyd Siegel, Director of Operations at Saunders Yachtworks, describes their relationship with Sika and the benefits they enjoy from our marine adhesives & sealants. "Sika has been there with us, every step of the way. That's a product you stand behind, the one that grows with you."

Kindred Spirit - In Alaska, Reliability Rules
"There's so many things that can go wrong on a boat, but I don't worry about the Sikaflex® failing." Commercial fishing skipper Lauren Vander Lind shares with viewers her experience with Sika products, both in range and performance. Her ageing fleet of boats require reliable sealing and bonding to stay in tip-top shape in Bristol Bay.

Sika Wins 2021 IBEX Innovation Award

Sika is proud to announce our Innovation Award first prize at IBEX 2021 for Adekit A236, a marine-based polyurethane structural adhesive for bonding large composite parts that require high mechanical performance.

Special thanks to Joel Shine and Insetta Boatworks for allowing us to come into their facility and take footage of the bonding process. Among countless others, we also recognize Sika OEM Marine Manager Brent Schubring for presenting Adekit A236 to the IBEX Innovation Awards panel, as well as Sika Marine Market Field Manager Gerald Wilewicz for orchestrating the presentation materials and Sika’s presence at the show.

> 20,000
boats per year bonded with
Sika Marine systems
60 %
Application time savings with Sikafloor® Marine underlayment systems