Elasticity and persistence are key words in the construction and repair of boats and ships which are constantly exposed to UV light and buffeting of wind and waves. The elastic adhesive and sealants systems specially developed by Sika for the marine industry offer outstanding performance where it is needed. Equally suitable for all types of construction – timber, fiberglass, aluminum or steel – Sika’s extensive line of marine products covers all your caulking, leveling, bedding, sealing and bonding needs.
Sika Commerical Glazing

Sika has developed a full line of marine products for the manufacture, maintenance and repair of leisure boats and yachts from sealing to structural bonding.  Sika helps the boat owner maintain their valuable asset by protecting against the elements and maintaining watertight seals and bonds for a variety of substrates, open times and applications, from caulking to leveling to bedding to sealing and bonding.

Leisure Boat Applications