Leveling ship decks prior to installation of carpets, vinyl, tiles, etc. is a certainty, as well as installation of ramps and a multitude of other surfaces. Level surfaces can be ensured by using the Sikafloor® Marine range of primary deck covering mortars.

Floor Leveling Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

Sikafloor® Marine - High-quality floor leveling series for the marine shipbuilding industry

To achieve a fully leveled surface, the Sikafloor® Marine range offers a wide variety of marine self-leveling mortars and trowel-out mortars. In this wide range you can find the right material that combines the perfect combination of density, mechanical properties, and curing time for each application. In addition, they are all IMO certified.

Range of Properties  
Density 0.7 - 1.8 g/cm3
Compression strength 7 – 35 MPa
Young modulus 1,8 – 17 GPa
Application of Sikafloor Marine self-levelling product on ship deck