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Sika Advanced Resins is the leading provider and developer of high-performance resins (epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane) for the tooling and composite materials industry. We offer a wide range of customized solutions for the composites market, including epoxy resins, casting urethanes, filling and fairing compounds, machinable tooling boards, tooling pastes, tooling surface coats, and silicones.

We supply production and manufacturing solutions, with the guarantee of local support and worldwide availability for markets large and small.

Markets served include General Industry, Marine, Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Renewable Energies, Sports and Leisure, Foundry, Electronic Devices, and many more.

Shown at right: Pro’s Choice is a leading manufacturer of composite-based, custom-fit, hockey goalie masks. Hear from owner, Dom Malerba, as to why he trusts Sika’s epoxy lamination systems to help ensure his masks perform to the highest safety and quality standards.

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SikaBlock® M974

High-Performance, Epoxy Tooling Board

Available Today! – SikaBlock® M974 is a high performance, epoxy-based tooling board designed for use in direct-to-mold epoxy prepregs, high temperature lay-up tools and parts, thermoforming, mold building and master models.

■  High temperature resistance
■  Excellent dimensional stability
■  Low CTE, excellent vacuum integrity
■  Easily machined & polished
■  Excellent surface aspect
■  Medium density

SikaBlock® M974 High-Performance, Epoxy Tooling Board
Image: SikaBlock® M974 Epoxy Tooling Board In Use

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