The Interior Finishing product line as it currently stands includes two main groups of products – SikaBond wood flooring adhesives, Sika Level subfloor preparation products – as well as associated primers. As the scope of the Interior Finishing group expands, other product lines from Sika’s recently acquired companies will be integrated to the US product line. Sika has been heavily involved in the interior flooring market for many years and continues to expand on its product offering, capabilities and expertise in this area. With a proven history of manufacturing high-end repair mortars and precision grouts, Sika is now using this experience to produce the best skim and leveling mortars possible. Sika strives to be the go-to source for residential and commercial interior finishing.

With a full wood floor adhesive line, and now, with the launch of the Sika Level SkimCoat, a full line of Self Leveling and Patching Mortars, Sika is committed to bringing you the best technology and the best service for all your flooring needs.

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