Rockshield for Pipe / Coating Protection

Tuff-N-Nuff® is a rockshield comprised of small diameter (approximately 0.050”) strands of flexible PVC which form a porous, non-woven mat. These strands are bonded to each other in a controlled random pattern during production. Tuff-N-Nuff® protects pipeline coatings from direct impact during backfill operations. It also provides long-term protection by keeping hard objects in the backfill from coming into contact with the pipeline coating. Tuff-N-Nuff® also protects the pipeline coating from these abrasive objects as lateral and longitudinal movements occur once the pipeline is placed into service. Tuff-N-Nuff® with Rapid-Edge self fasterning hook and loop system available for faster, easier installation. In addition, Tuff-N-Nuff® does not shield cathodic protection being supplied to pipelines when installed using Rapid-Edge, monofilament tape or nonmetallic strapping as described in the Application Instructions.

  • Laboratory and field tested to protect FBE coated steel from rocky or harsh backfill material.
  • Outstanding impact resistance results in the modified ASTM G-13 rock drop testing.
  • Porous and random strand matrix design does not shield cathodic protection.
  • PVC product construction reduces the impact load transfer onto the pipe during backfilling.
  • Durable product which exhibits excellent physical and performance properties.
  • Flexible, lightweight material allows for a quick and inexpensive installation process, even in extreme arctic temperatures.
  • Custom sizes are available for every pipeline diameter size (zero waste).
  • Product was designed and has been sold specifically as a rockshield for nearly 30 years.
  • Manufacturing capacity to support large scale pipeline projects.
  • Specified for use as a rockshield by some of largest pipeline owners in the world.
  • Safety yellow color helps to identify the pipeline during dig ups.
  • Quicker installation with less manpower when utilizing Rapid-Edge hook-and-loop closure system. 
  • No Tape or strapping material required when Rapid-Edge option is used.