Tuff-n-nuff Rock Shield
Tuff-N-Nuff Protective Rockshield for Steel or Plastic Pipe

Pipe / Coating Protection

  • Easily Transported
  • Fast Installation
  • Cost Efficient
  • Durable Rockshield Protection

Tuff-N-Nuff is 11mm thick P.V.C. strand extruded pipe protection pad with excellent compressive and impact strength.

44" x 50' ft. for 12" pipeline
Pipeline with Confidence

Flexible Pads or rolls come in convenient sizes and can easily be installed by two or three men so labor costs are minimal.

Weather is never a problem for our PVC material which is tested from -50 to +120 degrees C.

Rolls are ideal for cigarette wrapping and pads are provided for large diameter pipes.


  • Custom Cut Rolls or Pads: No waste, no overwrap, no field cutting, no added cost
  • Does not interfere with cathodic protection being supplied to pipelines
  • Flexible P.V.C.: To accommodate normal pipe movement resulting from ground shifting, thermal expansion or contraction.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle and transport. 11mm thick TNN = .825 lbs per sq/ft. Truckload = 43,000 lbs
  • Porous Texture: Porous. Does not trap water. Allows accurate cathodic testing.
  • Excellent Impact Resistance: 11mm - 150.0 in lbs.
  • Color: Yellow. Identifying in ground pipe to third party.
  • Rolls are excellent for cigarette wrapping
  • Pads are ideal for large diameter pipes

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