Life At Sika

At Sika, we understand that each individual is not the same, and that is how continue to thrive in innovation and change through our employees. We empower each individual to be creative, use their voices, and make a difference. Together, we will go beyond the expected.

Our Values

  • Customers First
  • Courage for Innovation
  • Sustainability & Integrity 
  • Empowerment & Respect
  • Manage for Results
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Professional Development

Success starts within

Our vision is to provide Sika's employees with the needed skills and experiences to reach their full career and professional potential and support Sika in reaching its strategic goals by focusing on employees' outcomes and measurable results. Implementing strategic approaches to help Sika achieve its organizational goals, providing leading-edge learning and development solutions, and developing a high-performance workforce that drives those organizational goals.


Helping create a greener future

As a global company, Sika is committed to sustainable development. The company honors its responsibilities by offering sustainable solutions for energy-efficient constructions and environmentally-friendly vehicles. It also implements numerous projects and measures aimed at boosting the Group’s business, social, and ecological sustainability.

Community Service
Community Service

Community Service

Coming together as one and serving the communities

At Sika we make it a priority to give back to our communities. In the United States, part of our benefits package includes 1 paid volunteer day for full-time employees. We encourage our employees to give back on their own time for an event or organization they are passionate about. 

Sika US locations also take part in corporate volunteer activities partnering with many great organizations throughout the United States throughout the year. 

Diversity At Sika

Our Commitment 

Sika is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and to providing equality of opportunity in all aspects of applicants and employment. Sika continues its efforts in complying with applicable regulations and makes the best use of personnel while contributing to the betterment of Sika and the communities we operate in.

At Sika, we treat every person in a respectful and equal manner and set high ethical standards to create an inclusive working environment. We want to win together and build diverse teams that can enrich collaboration. 

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safety in production


Sika S.A.F.E.

At Sika, we continuously strive to improve all facets of safety for everyone. Sika has thus implemented a company-wide program called Sika SAFE. The basic goal of the Sika SAFE program is to engage all employees on all levels in having active participation in all aspects of safety. Through this initiative, the many varied areas of safety are brought to the individuals that can help to best identify potential safety hazards and make corrections. This allows each employee a chance to contribute their voice and their ideas to resolving any potential safety concerns. 

Organizations we are proud to partner with:

NAWIC Partnership
OneTree Planted
Rebuilding Together
NAWIC Partnership
NAWSP Partnership
Junior Achievement

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