The Next Generation Auto Glass Replacement Adhesive

SikaTack® ELITE is a polyurethane-based accelerated adhesive system, specially designed for the Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) industry. SikaTack® ELITE utilizes Sika's innovative PowerCure technology to cure rapidly from inside the bead, achieving Minimum Drive Away Time (MDAT) in 30 minutes and reinforces car bodies to the level of a new vehicle within just one hour.

Product Characteristics

  • Packaged in 400ml unipacks with adhesive + accelerator
  • Applied using the 400ml PowerCure dispenser
  • Requires Sika® Aktivator-309P Stix on trimmed urethane
  • Requires Sika® Primer-207 AGR on glass/frit
  • Application from 14-95°F

Packaging: 400 Ml Unipack              Color:  Black

Product Benefits

  • Cured to OEM Level in 60 minutes
  • 30 minute MDAT in all conditions
  • Enables fast, precise ADAS recalibration
  • Excellent application properties
  • Cures almost independently of climate
  • Meets all OEM strength requirements
  • Crash test proven – Meets FMVSS 212

SikaTack® ELITE Video Library