Protective Leveling Mortars/Surface Fillers

SikaQuick® Smooth Finish

SikaQuick® Smooth Finish is a fast-setting, one-component, polymer-modified, durable, cementitious mortar for repairing and reprofiling vertical and overhead concrete surfaces to acheive a smooth finish.

Sikagard®-75 EpoCem®

Sikagard®-75 EpoCem® is a high-performance, three-component, solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, epoxy-modified, cementitious, structural resurfacing compound and pore-filling mortar.

SikaTop® Seal-107

Two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing and protective slurry mortar for concrete. It is slightly flexible to tolerate fine cracks and suitable in both interior and exterior applications.

SikaTop®-121 Plus

SikaTop®-121 Plus is a two component, polymer-modified, leveling and pore sealing mortar with the additional benefit of FerroGard® 901, penetrating corrosion inhibitor. SikaTop®-121 Plus provides a smooth substrate, free of irregularities and bug holes for following protective coatings.

Sikagard® FlexCoat

Sikagard® FlexCoat is a polymerized cementitious protective coating. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid (Part A) mixed at the time of application with a cement aggregate blend (Part B).

Sikagard® FlexCoat ATC

Sikagard® FlexCoat ATC is a single component acrylic finish coating for two-coat application to Sikagard® FlexCoat ATC in new or recoat work. Important characteristics of Top Coat are its durability and excellent weathering qualities.