Sikagard® FlexCoat

Two-component, polymer-modified, waterproof, cement-based coating system

Sikagard® FlexCoat is a polymerized cementitious protective coating. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid (Part A) mixed at the time of application with a cement aggregate blend (Part B).

  • It can be applied over almost any clean, sound surface e.g. concrete, block, masonry, etc. for a number of different floor, wall and roof uses.
  • Extraordinary adhesion coupled with its ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. In these respects, the material is far superior to conventional cementitious coatings.
  • Provides a waterproof coating which substantially reduces or prevents water penetration, freeze-thaw scaling and concrete carbonation.
  • “Breathable” coating which releases normal entrapped vapor without loosening or blistering.
  • Available in natural cement color.
  • Sikalastic® Traffic Systems can be top coated with Sikagard® FlexCoat cement based systems. Please refer to the spec component of the Sikalastic®/Sikagard® Flexcoat Hybrid System.