Philadelphia, PA

Project Description

A facade inspection indicated cracks and spalls in some of the balconies, eyebrows and columns. Further evaluation of the balconies indicated the handrails were structurally deficient due to post pockets containing gypsum grout. This dramatically increased the scope of work.


Project Scope

  • Balcony repairs
  • Handrail strengthening
  • Balcony waterproofing

The size of the project required numerous swing stages with work performed on all elevations simultaneously. Another significant scope increase resulted when old repairs done poorly became loose as a result of concrete removal and surface preparation. Several balconies required full shoring during repairs.

The Philadelphia Building from outside

Repair Work

At 4,300 railing embedment locations, the existing gypsum-based grout was removed and selective demolition performed. Supplemental reinforcement was added, the embedded portion coated, and re-embedment completed.

The repair work on the balconies was performed using swing stage access, with 33 drops required to complete the project. The contractor used between eight and ten swing stages working simultaneously, with a typical drop taking 16 weeks to complete. From March through November, an average of 18 to 28 masons worked five to six days per week.

The project took 3 years to complete. A full system of concrete repair and protection completed to the highest industry standards will ensure long-lasting durable repairs. Brand new balconies and waterproofing along with completely restored handrails will enable the Owners to enjoy this space for many years to come.

Products Used

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