Sika provides solutions for even the most challenging requirements with its unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities (fulfilling the most stringent drinking water approvals), tunnels, bridges, basements or balconies.

Post Applied Membrane

SikaProof® A+12 can be used as both pre and post-applied systems. When used for a post-applied application, the system consists of a highly flexible polyolefin membrane (SikaProof® A+12) and thixotropic-1 component cement-modified adhesive (SikaProof ®Adhesive-22). This exclusive system build-up creates a full and durable bond when installed onto existing hardened concrete structures, such as horizontal edges, decks, and on walls with double-faced formwork. In addition, the adhesive prevents any lateral water migration between the SikaProof® A+ 12 membrane system and the existing concrete. 


The SikaProof® A+12 system consists of a flexible FPO membrane SikaProof® A+12 available in thickness of 1.2mm. The SikaProof® A+12 membrane is installed onto the freshly applied SikaProof ® Adhesive-222 onto the prepared hardened structural concrete substrate. 

SikaProof 1201 System
Pre-Applied Fully Bonded Membrane

SikaProof, a fully-bonded TPO membrane system offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency, typically used for basements.
Typical projects are:

  • Residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial and leisure facilities
  • Engineered structures such as retaining walls, tunnel shafts, cut and cover tunnels


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WT protection sheet/felt and thermal insulation boards

SikaProof® P-1201, post-applied membrane

Sikadur Combiflex® SG System

Sika® Hydrotite® joint waterproofing profiles

SikaFuko® VT injection hose

Sika® Greenstreak® Waterstop joint waterproofing

SikaProof® detailing solutions, e.g. for pile caps

SikaProof® A, pre-applied membrane


Sika Greenstreak Waterstops have been keeping water in or out of structures for decades. Concrete structures are only as watertight as the waterstops that join them. Structures such as water treatment plants, reservoirs, locks, dams, and below grade facilities, most likely have a waterstop system in place. Several factors must be considered when selecting a waterstop. They include, but are not limited to, joint type and joint movement, hydrostatic pressure and chemical exposure. Greenstreak offers the industry's most comprehensive line of waterstops available today.