Sika Corporation’s two-component self-leveling glass setting resin (SikaForce®) and weather sealant (Sikasil® WS silicones) are the ideal combinations of products to provide a complete system for customers looking for products for embedding and weather-resistant sealing of glass walls and balustrades.  These products have been designed to provide superior performance and compatibility with laminated glass over mechanical fixation and cementitious grouts.

SikaForce®-735 GG

Securing and protecting the world's most beautiful glass features – SikaForce®-735 GG is our 2-component self-leveling resin for setting glass walls, glass railings and balcony barriers. 

See the self-leveling product feature in action!

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Self-Leveling Glass Setting Resin
Tested with Laminated Glass

Sika Corporation has partnered with VIVA Railings for their Waterproof SHOE System applications for embedding glass panels into the base shoe for structural glass railing system.  Sika’s 2-Component self-leveling polymer grout (SikaForce®-735 GG) and weather sealant (Sikasil®WS products) are the ideal combinations of products to provide a watertight joint between VIVA’s Shoe System and the laminated glass panes.